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Most people love meat and consume it on a daily basis, very commonly with every meal they have. Our mission is to give consumers the opportunity to keep loving their meat without actually having to consume it. Our recipe is completely made with 100% plant based products, herbs and spices making our BeeFreeMeat solution a vegan option with the added crunch, bite and flavour of meat. Every time our products get chosen over meat we are not only delivering on our own objectives but also supporting animal welfare and reducing the impact on our environment. Choose BeeFreeMeat, live healthier and support our planet.

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Beefree patties
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A COW's life

The price of a burger

What you may think is a simple patty lying on a shelf which you just pick up, pay for and throw on your grill relates to much more than that. To make a burger you first need to take into account that a singular patty requires 3,300 gallons of water. So our food choice is currently proving to be the biggest contributor to our water footprint. A common diet averagely requires 5,000 liters of water per day per person.

Besides the meat industry is estimated to generate around 70 billion land animals slaughtered every year for food. On top of that, animal farming is also largely contributing to the deforestation of the planet.

Replace one of your meals per week with our BeeFreeMeat products and you will be giving us a helping hand in reducing all this impact.     

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Be the change for the greater good

Join us and make the world a better place for animals too. Contribute in making this planet Eco-friendly with our Products. We have an alternative for beef that is even better than actual beef, you don't have to compromise with the taste. Besides its completely made out of plants, so its much healthier and Eco-friendly. You can save countless precious animal life's while consuming Our beefreemeat products. Our experts have have spent quality time on research and finally introduced a concept for the first time where We don't have to consume animals for meat anymore, a product that supports animal lives. As an experiment we offered our product to several people for tasting and they found it hard to believe that such a tasty & healthy burger can be made from plants. 

Get our products delivered at your doorstep anywhere across Malta.

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Our Goal
Environment Friendly

Our products are 100% Eco-friendly. Join us & Lets make this world a better place for the future generations.

Natural Process

Our experts have introduced a product that is 100% natural. We deliver a product without compromising with the taste.

Healthy Products

We deliver premium products to our clients. Our motive is to provide a healthy lifestyle with an Eco-friendly approach.


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